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Submitted on
January 28


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"If we broke up I'd do anything to get you back."

Hollow words,
Hollow love
I'm just a train-wreck
Just another number
For statistics
No more significant
Than a single hair
On your head

Who is she?
Why aren't I enough?
I can forgive
The solitude
I can forgive
The misery
You've felt for so long
But what I can't forgive
Is this betrayal.

You say she's irrelevant
You say you love me
That polyamory is your forte
But I don't remember
Signing that contract
That said you could
Someone else.

You say I'm beautiful
But you never want sex
Is my body not enough?
Is she skinnier?
Less suicidal?
Less inclined to challenge
Your faults and discrepancies?

I fear you are tired of me
No longer in love
But you tell me
No, that is not the case
Well if it isn't,
Why are you with her
And not me?

It's not cheating.
We broke up,
It's not cheating.
Well if it's not cheating
Why do I feel betrayed?

I didn't want to leave you
I still want you
But you left me
No choice
With your ignoring me
And never wanting to
Fuck me
And making me feel
With your loss of passion
Of warmth
And understanding.

And yet, you say you love me
That you want to be better
But these changes,
These hormones,
These gender identity issues
Making you
Decreased sex drive
And social isolation

If it is not me who is at fault
Why do you want her?
You say you're guilty
That you wish things
Were different
But you want her
You want her
You want her.
So yeah. Another one down the drain, I guess.
hells-disasterpiece Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student General Artist
oh my god what a moving and emotional piece.  i actually relate to this but obviously the genders have to be switched round as this is how i felt after my girlfriend broke up with me last year.  

this has been written beautifully and you should be very happy with this piece 
AhhTheHorror Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student General Artist
We're lesbians. But yeah. Thanks. :)
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